New version of the solar management platform

Updated: May 10, 2021

We are happy to announce Version 2.6 of the solar management platform by Soltell Systems. The new Application version is visually and operationally supporting dozens and even hundreds of solar PV systems for commercial customers and solar service companies. In addition, enhancements were added to automated reports, including visualization of performance and notifications.

The new version is specifically adjusted for commercial customers with multiple distributed solar PV facilities of various sizes. For those the management is now feasible with both desktop fleet display, as well as a mobile compact display. The new visual layout is sorting solar PV systems into four groups - intact systems (green), systems with minor issues and notifications (blue), systems with warnings (yellow) and systems with alerts (red). The order of display is dynamic from most severe status on top to the least severe status at the bottom of the fleet list.

The platform will further support parallel functionality of both Application notifications and SMS messages. Thus, warnings on soiling and snow cover would be delivered to all relevant authorized operational staffs at certain frequency (once every five days) until the PV system is cleaned, while the Application would show a warning (yellow) level for this case.

Additional enhancements in reports - the daily report will be added with real-time severity evaluation of current leakage and frequent inverter synchronizations upon grid issues. Furthermore, a monthly report shall be added in line with industry standards, enclosing monthly summary of warnings and alerts per solar PV system.

Commercial solar PV fleet managers, solar integrators and solar service companies - interested to learn more on the Smart Solar Management Platform to optimize your solar O&M management costs or offering your customers a solar monitoring portal with your brand? Fill the contact form to get more details or register your PV systems.

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