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Soltell takes part in Challenges in Managing Large Clusters of Rooftop Solar PV webinar

Updated: May 3, 2023

Learn on latest trends and technologies for managing, operating and maintaining (O&M) fleets of hundreds and thousands of PV systems at minimum costs and maximum efficiency. The webinar is designated for professionals affiliated with distributed solar PV, including solar fleet managers, rooftop solar integrators and local & regional authorities.

Hosted by Dr. Igor Derzy, high-ranking energy expert and former deputy Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Energy, and featuring Mr. Leon Kraversky, senior energy analyst and CEO of Soltell Systems, Mr. Roy Sade, a renowned entrepreneur and owner of RST Cleantech Solutions, and Dr. Noam van der Hal of the KSEDC - a major regional economic development corporation engaged with urban PV projects.

Find the webinar recording on Youtube. Watch it now.

Among confirmed attendees - professionals from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain, Ukraine and US, including representatives of two major solar manufacturers.

Challenges in Managing Large Clusters of Rooftop Solar PV

Commercial and residential solar integrators - interested to know on Sensorless technology to measure PV performance and integrating it into your solar monitoring/management software or a service application? Fill-in the demo request form to get more details.

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