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Solar PV capacity in Germany at 52.3 GW

Updated: May 10, 2021

Despite the global crisis, German solar PV segment had witnessed a rapid ramp-up of installations during the first nine months of the year with 3.5 GW installed nation-wide. According to data by the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), installations peaked at as much as 447 MW monthly in July, though slighly leveleling down in August and September with 408 MW and 388 MW installed respectivly.

Rooftop solar photovoltaic installations in Munich olympic village.

Remarkably, a lion share of installations were distributed solar energy, with 88% of September installations being distributed scale below 750 kW per project (eligible for FIT); the rest 12% being large-scale utility owned admitted via tenders. Following many months of FIT pricing decline in Germany, in November small-scale PV systems up to 10 kW will be eligible for 0.0848 Euro/kWh tariff, 10-40 kW systems for 0.0824 Euro/kWh and for 40-100 kW systems 0.0583-0.0646 Euro/kWh. Finally, 100-750 kW commercial systems will be under direct marketing scheme with a slightly differing pricing.

Since the beginning of the ambitious Energiewende program in the year 2000, Germany increased its solar PV capacity from zero to 52.3 GW by November 2020. German government anticipates to reach 100 GW of solar installations by 2030 in order to stand up to its 65% renewable electricity target.

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