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Why is accurate performance assessment of decentralized PV systems a must?

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Assessing PV performance is crucial to ensure optimal plant operation and financial feasibility. This is relevant for any scale - on the wide spectrum from residential size to solar fields. A whole field of applied mathematics has developed to address this issue, with multiple researchers engaging in model optimizations to find the best possible tools and models to assess PV performance. There is a variety of tools for the task - such as onsite weather sensors, satellite sensing and regional weather stations - all essentially utilized for calculating PV performance at various levels of accuracy.

Solar PV technician linking a PV connector
The performance assessment map is based on the work by SunSpec Alliance and the San Jose State University (2014).

Soltell is excited to take part in this global effort to optimize solar PV energy generation and utilization, both with our Sensorless technology for measuring envirionmental variables and with the proprietary developed "Intactness" index to measure site-specific performance. The Intactness index is in fact a superior quantitative approach to assess PV performance, combining both technical assessment of system components status and the quantitative performance model. Way more accurate than monthly performance models based on seasonal averages (which have a mediocre deviation of ±10% due to weather variation and model inaccuracies) and also superior to other performance indexes utilized across the decentralized energy industry - Soltell's tech allows to apply the cost-effective propritary algorithm approach to residential and commercial plants with an uncertainty level of 2-5%.

Commercial and residential solar integrators - interested to know on Sensorless technology to measure PV performance and integrating it into your solar monitoring/management software or a service application? Fill-in the demo request form to get more details.

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