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Privacy policy

This is the Privacy policy (hereafter “Privacy policy”) by Soltell Systems, relevant to company's services and communications.

I. Privacy

1. Soltell undertakes to maintain the privacy of users and the confidentiality of private and technical information, including any information received or provided in accordance with the law, unless otherwise expressly approved by the user or Soltell has been lawfully requested by state authorities.

2. Soltell website and Soltell Services do not collect private data of unregistered visitors, but only statistics; i.e. no private information is collected without the user's knowledge. Newsletter registration, demo user registration, pilot registration and/or customer registration - all of these include collecting private information with the user's knowledge and provided voluntarily.

3. Newsletter contact information will be stored in the secure database of an email service provider. Newsletter entries will be kept in the database for 5 (five) years, unless a change is requested before the end of this period.

4. Contact details of Users will be stored in the compartmentalized database by Soltell. The details will be kept for the period of Soltell Services and up to 5 (five) years after the end of the service. Users can request complete removal of contact information immediately after the termination of Soltell Services.

5. Technical details and data relevant to Photovoltaic and Storage Facilities connected to Soltell Services shall be stored in Soltell's databases without the possibility of unauthorized external access during the service period and up to one additional month after the end of the service.

6. In payment mode by digital means including credit clearing, Soltell does not store any user's private payment data through the Website.

7. Delivery and approval of complete data by the User are essential for the start of the service, including relevant contact information, general and technical data on the photovoltaic facility and details of means of payment.

8. The User expresses his consent to receiving messages via Soltell Services during the service period.


J. Contact information

S.I.M.S. Soltell Systems ltd. BN. 516044104

Address (HQ): HiCity compound @Arena, HaShunit 2, Herzliya Pituach, Israel

Address (postal): PB 1242, Raanana, Israel 4311201



Phone: +972(54)6690-888 | +1(805)618-2380

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