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Releasing version 3.3 of the solar management platform

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

We upgraded the smart solar management platform to version SSMP-V3.3 - the new version is including real-time alerts on inverter malfunctions and is also added with daily system power charts. Overall, the new platform version is now fully compatible as a generic monitoring portal for all inverter and logger brands, including SMA, SolarEdge, Fronius, Huawei and more.

Desktop and mobile versions
Soltell solar management platform SSMP V3.3

The version is specifically adjusted for small-scale commercial and residential integrators with multiple distributed solar PV systems of different inverter and logger brands. Of course, it also supports already existing functionality for managing commercial solar PV portfolios and O&M supervision by corporate customers. The SSMP-V3.3 solar management portal is available with desktop fleet display, as well as a tablet and mobile. The visual layout is sorting solar PV systems into several sub-groups - by intactness (or uptime) and severity and now allows also to present daily power charts.

The platform is supporting parallel warning and alert functionality for the portal App and SMS messages or emails. As mentioned, this version also includes the option for real time alerts on critical inverter power failures for all supported inverter brands, allowing a faster and smoother response by integrators and system owners.

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