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Smart solar management App V3.1 guide

Updated: May 5, 2023

Video guide to Soltell's smart solar management App for managing distributed solar photovoltaic fleets, including overview and explanation of the App screens, as well as the meaning of presented data. The App is embedded with Soltell's performance analytics technology and can be customized for rooftop PV integrators.

The App version is specifically adjusted for commercial and institutional customers with multiple distributed solar PV facilities of various sizes. The solar management App is available with both desktop fleet display, as well as a mobile compact display. The visual layout is sorting solar PV systems into several sub-groups - intact systems (green), systems with minor issues and notifications (blue), systems with low severity warnings (purple), systems with notable warnings (yellow) and systems with alerts (red).

The SysMap platform supports parallel functionality of both App notifications and SMS messages. Thus, warnings on soiling and snow cover would be delivered to all relevant authorized O&M staffs at certain frequency until the PV system is cleared, while the App would show a warning level for this case daily. Additional enhancements in reports - the daily and monthly reports are added with real-time performance evaluation in reference to expected values of output or uptime, as required by institutional customers.

Commercial and residential solar integrators - interested to know on Sensorless technology to measure PV performance and integrating it into your solar monitoring/management software or a service application? Fill-in the demo request form to get more details.

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