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Soltell sets up its own solar PV data logging server

Updated: May 27

Those days, Soltell Systems sets its own solar data logging server for photovoltaic (PV) plants. The server will be utilized as an alternative to default monitoring portal servers of various solar inverter and solar logger manufacturers such as SunnyPortal, MC and SolarWeb, as well as a solution for solar systems which have no ability to connect to a default monitoring portal. Soltell's independent data logging server will support FTP and other communications protocols, often utilized in older solar loggers and in some new ones. The new independent data server will enable advanced solar analytics services for photovoltaic facilities without reliance on third party servers.

Cloud service for solar

Field testing with the new data server were initiated during the challenging global health emergency period, as it was decided not to postpone this important connection feature due to specific demand from several of our customers, as part of an essential operation service in the electricity sector.

Solar data connections testing

We are pleased to announce that our first test-run, which involved connecting an SMA Webbox logger to our server via an FTP protocol, was successful. This marks a significant milestone in our project, demonstrating the seamless integration and effective data transfer capabilities of our system. In the coming days, we are preparing to execute a second test-run with MC's Web'log logger. This next phase will further validate our server's compatibility and performance with different logging devices. These tests are essential components of our broader strategy to provide comprehensive and reliable data solutions. We remain committed to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that our solutions meet the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness.

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