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Soltell joins the California Solar and Storage Association

Updated: May 5, 2023

We are happy to announce that Soltell Systems has joined the California Solar and Storage Association (CALSSA), joining forces with one of the most prominent solar PV associations in the United States, uniquely positioned to empower the distributed solar market. California is housing more than 1.1 million solar PV systems, effectively nearly one half of all solar PV systems in the United States.

Soltell is a Calssa member

The state of California has spearheaded the American solar industry, strongly pushing towards massive adoption of solar energy including distributed solar & storage. In 2020, California's electricity supply relied on 15.42% of solar energy. The state is expected to surpassed 10GW of distributed solar capacity this year.

Despite the strong prominense of distributed solar & storage in the state of California, there are conflicting regulation decisions attempting to discourage rooftop solar development. Soltell Systems strongly supports the CALSSA effort on preserving the Net Metering (NEM) in California, while driving the distributed solar & storage industry towards further growth. Soltell is enthusiastic to promote O&M quality and management cost-efficiency for the distributed solar segment in order to make the segment strong and competitive in the long term.

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