• Leon Kraversky

Soltell will soon launch German language version

Soltell is soon launching the German language version of our solar management App, designated for Dach-based companies - rooftop solar fleet managers, solar installation companies and solar maintenance providers.

Germany is the leader of European solar photovoltaic (PV) market with nearly 50 GWp of solar installations, while Switzerland has over 2 GWp capacity and Austria has over 1 GWp capacity. Remarkably, the majority (52%) of German-based solar PV is distributed - rooftop commercial or residential, making it the ideal market to utilize the advanced Industrial IoT smart management solution by Soltell Systems.

Solar rooftop fleet managers, solar installers and solar service companies - interested to connect your systems or to get more information on Soltell smart management platform? Sign-up here to get more details.

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