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Soltell wins the support of Israel Innovation Authority

Updated: May 5, 2023

We are excited to receive the support and funding of the Israel Innovation Authority for our next generation solar management platform (SysMap) solutions, utilizing an innovative Industrial IoT technology for performance analytics. The Innovation Authority will support Soltell in upgrading the solar management platform towards a massive scale-up in the near future, aiming to efficiently manage PV fleets of thousands of distributed commercial and residential scale solar systems in future smart cities, industrial zones and agricultural areas.

Update 16.09.2020

Soltell Systems is now included in the exclusive club of innovative technology companies, recognized as having a unique and significant technological impact on the commercial solar sector in general and on the Israeli Energytech segment in particular. Soltell has just achieved a milestone of connecting and managing 1% of solar facilities in Israel with its performance analytics technology and is soon aimed to reach 10%.

Commercial and residential solar integrators - interested to know on Sensorless technology to measure PV performance and integrating it into your solar monitoring/management software or a service application? Fill-in the demo request form to get more details.

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